Q. With your debut up and coming, we’d like to sincerely congratulate you! After building your reputation as an artist and also as the Jungnangcheon Park HyoShin in the past four years, how does it feel to debut soon?

“Thank you. I am overjoyed about it as it reminds me of my childhood days when I would feel excited about accomplishing something that I had genuine interest and liking in. But at the same time, I feel that as happy as I am, I should also focus on showing a better side to myself as well. I enjoy being able to feel so many different emotions about my upcoming debut.”


Q. When appearing on TV show ‘I Can Hear Your Voice’,  you were trending on search engines not just for your visuals but also for your evident talent in singing. How did things play out after the show?

“I received so much love and support to the point that it made me wonder if I would ever be able to receive the same amount of them again in the future. It would be an understatement saying that I had tremendous support because despite my status as an ordinary person, people recognized me in public and there were even fan cafes for me being made. I want to become the Ko SeungHyung who will be able to pay back that love and support for everyone.”


Q. You looked quite close with the celebrities in your agency. Who are some of your closest?

“Ever since the agency was founded, I was able to get close to JjangYou, It’s, and Wang SeokHeyeon by having the privilege of being able to communicate connect with them. I am closest to Two Big hyungs.”


Q. Despite having taken a long time to debut, you’ve been able to communicate closely with fans up until now, through what ways did you connect with your fans the most?

After appearing on TV show ‘I Can Hear Your Voice‘, I would go busking very often and also had various different performance opportunities, which allowed me to connect with my fans often. However, after that, there wasn’t much windows of opportunity for me, which is why I actually feel sorry towards my fans who have given me strength. They’ve waited for me for all this time and it’s time that I repay them for it. I’m always grateful.”


Q. What is the meaning behind your debut single ‘Nothing To Do’ and what can you tell us about it?

“It’s a song about how someone has been separated from a loved one because of death and how it has invoked a yearning. The song’s title literally means that there’s nothing left to do because they aren’t together any more.”



Q. Your agency STX LIONHEAERT has stated about your single that it won’t be just pleasant to the ears but to both the eyes and the ears. What exactly did they mean by that?

“While preparing for my debut song, I was also able to shoot a web drama ‘The Sorrow of Parting’ as well. And so it’s not just the element of music but also an active visual element that people can enjoy, a type of music that people can ‘watch’.”


Q. What is the most memorable thing or moment about your debut process?

“I’d have to say the times I spent training and practicing with my agency’s head, who has made the impossible possible.”


Q. For any ballad singers, their voice is a crucial element in what makes or breaks their career. Do you have any special methods that you use to take care of your voice?

“I had bad vocal cords ever since I was young. And because I struggle with asthma, so I immediately visit the hospital if I notice any signs of sickness and I never leave the windows open when I sleep. I also drink a lot of warm beverages, and try to pay attention to even the smallest of detail and care as much as possible.”


Q. If you have any favorite domestic and foreign artists, who are they?

“Domestic artist, I’d have to say Park HyoShin sunbaenim. If you know me well, I think it’s pretty obvious why I look up to Park HyoShin without any explanation. My favorite foreign artist is Charlie Puth. Whenever I am contemplating about how I can become an artist with a wide musical spectrum, Charlie Puth has always been an inspiration.”


Q. We heard that you also have many fans overseas after appearing on TV show ‘I Can Hear Your Voice’. Are you planning on getting to connect with your foreign fans?

“After debuting, I definitely would like to make it happen. I promise to work harder so that I can meet them!”


Exclusive Interview with Korean Ballad Rookie Singer: Ko SeungHyung



Q. It’s true that foreign K-Pop fans are more interested in idol groups than ballad singers, can you tell us something about K-Pop ballad and what about its best qualities are?

“For me I would have to say that the best quality about K-Pop ballad is that you just don’t get sick of hearing it. I also think another appealing quality about it is that it really engulfs you in a certain mood or emotion. I aim to be an singer who can exert these qualities to the listeners.”


Q. Your hometown Jeju island is not just popular for South Koreans but to foreign tourists as well. If you were to recommend a special travel spot for your foreign fans, where would it be?

“I recommend Udo. It’s another island within Jeju island and it’s very famous. It’s a place in Jeju island wher eyou can have the real 100% Jeju island experience.”


Q. Would you ever consider getting into acting? Are there any CF’s that you’d like to try out for or any product you’d like to model for?

“If given the chance, and if I am ready for it, I’d love to challenge myself and get into acting. Not acting in the sense that I try because just out of curiosity. I learned a lot duringt he shooting for the web drama ‘The Sorrow of Parting’ and it was a great experience, I’d love to try something like that again. CF’s? Well because I’m from Jeju island, I’d like to model for the water brand Samdasoo.”


Q. 2BiC, Kim BumSoo, Tiger JK, Yoon MiRae, Bizzy and more have supported your music even before your debut. You were an artist who was recommended to people by other artists. What are your thoughts?

“It has been a tremendous honor for me to have had the support I received from my seniors. It was through their support that I was able to become an artist recommended by artists. I promise to do my best to live up to someone with that reputation.”


Q. Anything you would like to say to

“I promise to do my best to get my name out there as much as possible. And I also promise to do my best to be able to meet up with all my fan ‘stealer’ overseas! I genuinely thank everyone who has loved and supported me for a very long four years. I will always strive to repay that kindness and love. And to all my fan ‘stealer’ who have provided tremendous support, I won’t make you wait any longer. I love you.”


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