EXID Hani Instagram

If you are a fan of EXID or OH MY GIRL, you would have most probably know that EXID's Hani is a huge fan of OH MY GIRL's ARin! Hani had sent a video message previously to ARin and ARin had also replied to that video message.

On June 14th, it seems like the two girls have met up with one another for a meal!

Hani uploaded pictures of them together on her Instagram.


She had also uploaded pictures of the food which they ate.

EXID's Hani And OH MY GIRL's ARin Hang Out With Each Other

EXID Hani Instagram

On the post, she thanked ARin for cutting the toast into small bite size so that is easy to eat.

Previously, ARin said that she was going to treat Hani to ddeokbokki, twigim (fried food) and soondae (blood sausages). Instead, they had went out for grilled meat!

It seems like they had a great time talking and eating delicious food with one another.

Fans who saw the close interaction between these two idols could not help but admire the lovely blooming friendship. Hopefully we will be able to see more interaction from them!


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