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It hasn't been long since she changed her hair color but EXID's Hani is back with a new hairstyle! She is really a goddess.

The girl is stunning fans one more time. She likes to dye her hair often and all the colors suit her. The idol recently was seen with a pink-red hair color. She had stunning stages and amazing photo shoots with this hairstyle. Hani looked cute and girlish and also charismatic.

EXID's Hani New Hairstyle Astonishes Fans


Recently, the idol decided to turn her hair back to black. Her long sexy hair is a hot topic among fans. They love it!

EXID's Hani New Hairstyle Astonishes Fans

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Fans are stunned by this new style. She gives a very different vibe. Some fans commented on how charismatic and sexy she looks like.

The idol shared pictures of her new style on Instagram too.

EXID's last comeback was with the song 'LADY'.

What do you think of this new hairstyle?


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May 3, 2018 07:41 pm

Err duh its HANI♥ Only pricks don't like Hani!