ChanYeol of EXO has recently given statement regarding the fate of hate commenters who have tainted his honor through malicious hate comments on the internet.

The idol has said there will be 'no leniency' when legal action takes place against the accused and have told the police he will seek maximum the maximum sentence against the commenters. The police of SeoCho, Gangnam District of South Korea are currently still thoroughly investigating into the matter and have made it clear that it will be highly unlikely for the accused to avoid legal measures taken against them.

EXO's ChanYeol: 'No Leniency' for Hate Commenters Lawsuit

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Fans of ChanYeol have been collecting evidence since early 2015 as preparations for the lawsuit. ChanYeol's fans have also funded the lawsuit themselves by hiring a lawyer and are planning to sue the accused not just once but twice, by applying different crimes for each case. The nature of the hate comments include sexual harassment and spreading false rumors. To make matters worse, some of the hate comments have targeted the idol's family members as well. 


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