EXO ChanYeol Participates In Group Project In University

ChanYeol. ECO, EXO ChanYeol, 2017 EXO

Bet you imagine ‘If my university colleagues look just like ChanYeol…” That fancy become real! 

A fan of EXO posted some photos which include ChanYeol sitting on the chair on Instagram. To EXO’s fans, it is quite known that SuHo of EXO are attending classes at InHa graduate university. However, ChanYeol’s last academic career has known as Kyung Hee Cyber university until these photo were released. According to netizens, ChanYeol went to school in order to do team project given from InHa graduate university. As you can see from the photos, ChanYeol also bought cups of coffee for their teammates. How sweet! Lots of fans are envy for teammates while saying like “I would do everything for my teammates if my teammate looks like ChanYeol” or “I wouldn’t focus on doing my things due to his presence”. 


ChanYeol, 2017 ChanYeol, EXO, EXO ChanYeol

Nate Pann

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