EXO's ChanYeol sweetness struck again!

On an online community, fans started to talk about ChanYeol's words at a fan signing event.

ChanYeol's fan, a woman of 174 cm, started to feel downhearted when she heard the idol said that he likes petite women, someone that he can hug fully.

EXO's ChanYeol Sweet Words To A Fan

Online Community

The fan feeling sad that she was far from ChanYeol's ideal type, told him about that. He comforted her while sweetly saying that for him 174cm was petite. Indeed, the idol is 185 cm tall.

EXO's ChanYeol Sweet Words To A Fan


The fan was very moved. She turned from being sullen to very happy. ChanYeol is indeed very caring for his fans.

EXO's ChanYeol Sweet Words To A Fan

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