EXO became the first K-Pop male group to win 1st ranking on iTunes world album chart.

It seems pretty obvious that EXO conquered the world music market. iTunes, one of the biggest digital music player, reflects what's the most popular all around the world. EXO proved it on iTunes. On not even only Korean Charts, but also world wide charts, iTunes, EXO's new album "The War" ranked 1st album charts eventually. It shows EXO is on another level, different from other artists, because they prove it on the most apparent section, iTunes charts! This album, "The War", is the 4th album of EXO, which includes 9 songs. All the songs are ranked top in every K-Pop music chart, but now, they started to attack world wide market. Now you can tell EXO is a global star, who can even ranked top in world charts!

You can check it out via the link here: iTunes Album Charts


EXO Creates A New Record Again On iTunes World Album Chart


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