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EXO fans have been criticizing their idol group's agency SM Entertainment after rumors of them collaborating with furniture company Hanssem began circulating online.

The reason why Hanssem is currently under heavy scrutiny by the South Korean public was because of the way they handled their attempted sexual assault accusations. A while back, a woman who was hired to work for the company came forth with accusations that an employee of the company attempted to take her to a motel and sexually assault her.

According to various news reports, there was pressure on her to change her statement regarding her recollection of the incident, even being threatened with losing her job as well.

Below are what fans have been saying to SM Entertainment.


SM Entertainment have released an official statement  in response, claiming that there never was any collaboration with Hanssem in the works.


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Mei Lei
Mei Lei
Apr 24, 2019 09:19 pm

LOL WHAT'RE THEY GONNA DO PUT THE FURNITURE IN THE MVs?!...If they actually do this dumb idea, then nobody's gonna be paying attentions to the furniture. They'll most likely only pay attention to the boys and the clothes they'll be wearing.