EXO Fans Exhibit Borderline Gangster Behavior Towards BTS Army & Wanna One Wannables

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For BTS‘s ARMY and Wanna One‘s Wannables, the 2017 MMA was a tough moment. South Korean netizens are pointing fingers at all the EXO-L‘s. 

South Korean netizens are in frenzy again and are demanding EXO-L’s to apologize for their behavior. Videos have surfaced through SNS revealing moments of profanity and threats being made from EXO-L’s to ARMY and Wannables. Not only were South Korean EXO-L’s verbally assaulting the fans, they were shown on video footages bombarding Wanna One members with profanity while telling them to “sit in the back where they belong.”

↑ 24:45 ~

Another video footage showed EXO-L’s yelling harshly towards BTS’s ARMY to keep quiet. A member of ARMY posted the video capturing the audio of EXO-L’s threatening verbal behavior expressing frustration over being unable to cheer for BTS. Beginning at 1:05, when BTS was announced as winners for an award, EXO-L’s begin frantically screaming profanities.

We should keep in mind though that not all EXO-L’s behave this way. But the damage has been done and unfortunately, South Korean netizens in general view EXO-L’s with disdain, according to recent news reports. 


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