EXO’s Kai transformed into a handsome high schooler.

In the first filming date for KBS drama “Andante”, Kai showed off cute charms of a high schooler.

The role Kai has on “Andante” is an 18 years old high schooler who is transferred to a rural school for tricking his mother. He will be portraying the complex changes that happens as a rebellious teen goes through adolescence.

In the first filming that took place in mid-January, Kai filled the filming location with warmth with his unique soft smile and enthusiasm. Kai surprised the PD with thorough preparation for even the smallest scenes, showing his passion for acting.

“Andante” ( was called “Killing School”) is a healing growth drama that portrays the conflicts a city boy SiKyung goes through in rural high school.

EXO’s Kai Becomes a Handsome High Schooler for “Andante”


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