EXO’s Kai Surprises Himself By ‘Breaking’ The Mic Prop On Stage?



EXO’s Kai Surprises Himself By ‘Breaking’ The Mic Prop On Stage?

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Mr. Destiny

On August 10th and 11th, EXO held their concert, “The Elyxion [dot]” in Macau.

During that time, the boys of EXO had a great time performing in front of their fans and as it was their encore concert, they marked the last shows of their “The Elyxion” series bitter-sweetly.

However, during the concert, EXO’s Kai surprised himself when he actually broke off the top part of the mic prop when he was performing.

This was how it should look like originally.

When Kai was moving towards the edge of the rising stage, the top part of the mic somehow fell!

Even he himself was shocked by what had happened.

When Kai changed his position, ChanYeol who came over was also surprised by the missing part of the prop.

However, he kept his cool and continued performing.

Fans who noticed the funny incident were more amused by Kai and ChanYeol’s reactions than the incident itself. Nonetheless, they enjoyed seeing how Kai could be so cool on stage but at some point, showing his cute sides as well.

Do you find it funny too?


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