EXO SeHun’s Face Printed T-Shirt Sells By Canadian Magazine

SeHun‘s perfect visual finally gets acknowledged by Canadian people?

Canadian fashion magazine ‘TOM magazine‘ sells the t-shirt which printed SeHun’s face. On August 9th, TOM magazine revealed that two cover models of July foreign edition, EXO‘s SeHun and James Reid, will be printed on t-shirt and they will sell it. TOM magazine announced, “Ran out of magazines. But here’s some good news.” and “You can pre-order t-shirts of Sehun and James Reid, who were cover model of last edition. There’s also 500 behind photos of them for those who pre-order.”

TOM magazine left e-mail address to receive order on their official site. In the photos, SeHun occlude his mouth with his fist and his handsome eyes burns. Especially you can see the catchphrase ‘Global Point’ on the t-shirt, so you can tell that EXO’s power gets extended around the globe.


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TOM magazine

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