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EXO's SuHo is the third member from the group to enlist in the military and on May 14, he will be enlisting.

Previously, Kpopmap had also noticed that May 14 seemed to be a rather date as for 3 consecutive years, 3 leaders of different K-Pop groups happened to enlist on that particular date.

Prior to his enlistment, EXO-L had noticed that SuHo had uploaded a heartwarming post on his official Instagram.

He had showed a picture of a fan holding their official light stick and wrote the caption "WE ARE ONE. Let's love EXO".

His post had caused many EXO-L to be emotional as they were sad to see him go to the military for 2 years. Despite that being said, many fans were also commenting on his Instagram post, asking him to stay safe and healthy.

EXO's SuHo Posts Heartwarming Picture On Instagram Before Enlistment

EXO Official Facebook

SuHo had previously released his first solo album "Self-Portrait" in March and received lots of love from EXO-L.

Are you already missing SuHo?


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