EXO Xiumin who become a fanboy of TVXQ #1







Some kpop idols are becoming a rapturous fangirl or a fanboy to another idol. 

They have loved all everything about the adorable idols and cherished them with their own constant support. Why do they like a member of another group? They even have been part of the music stage, but the fangirl(boy) was happy to be able to see their bias on the same stage.  

We don’t know exactly what attracts any individual to them, but these idols have what it takes to attract the fangirls(boys), and we think that’s why it appeals to the fangirls.

One of them is falling in love with rookie group which made a debut recently and one of them is grateful to see his iconic senior. 


red velvet ftisland

K-idol who become

a fanboy of another idol #1


K-idol who become a fanboy of another idol #1 

for TVXQ





– He i the biggest TVXQ fanboy among exo members




– The fanboy had such a blissful time on SM Town concert



– The fanboy went to see a Kyuhyun’s musical with his bias

xiumin changmin



– Xiumin said there’d be no EXO without TVXQ  

“Since my training period, I was a fan of TVXQ. There would be no EXO without TVXQ . . . The song I like the most is ‘Rising Sun.'”




– Xiumin wish to travel with TVXQ




– He want to spend his day-off with TVXQ




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– Xiumin went to the senior’s concert in Japan to support them




–  After that, TVXQ talked about Xiumin at their concert




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