While it costs a lot of money to make even a proper album, the fact that music videos are sometimes even more expensive doesn't help some K-Pop idols who aren't fortunate to be backed by a substantial budget.

But clearly, it didn't stop them from improvising and taking matters in to their own hands to come up with a music video.

Below are some extremely low budget K-Pop MV's that turned out surprisingly well, despite the worst possible financial circumstances.


9MUSES -Yes Or No

Now disbanded, 9MUSES really tried to make things work, especially by filming this particular music video with their phones and having some of the members direct it themselves. It was quite a brilliant idea considering the date and time period it was released in. One thing that we think could have been done better is the editing.


LAYSHA -Party Tonight

When we imagine the set or location of a K-Pop music video, we often times think of really spacious parking lots, iconic outdoor sceneries, mansions, and etc. LAYSHA basically shot their entire MV for 'Party Tonight' in one tiny set. They were cubed inside but did fortunately have different outfits and backgrounds.


ROMEO - Treasure

The music video for 'Treasure' looks as if ROMEO's manager followed them around everywhere from photoshoots to dance practices and recorded them with a phone, then somehow put together all the clips in a somewhat natural way. Not the best, but definitely not the worst either.


Purfles - Bad Girl

While Purfles kind of did have an actual set, it was basically a wall that changed colors behind them.


Wa$$up - Fire

This one literally had no set. Everything was done with digital backgrounds transitioning from one scene to the next, and of course with them performing in front. But again, it could have been worse.


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