Fan Tells Lovelyz Member SuJeong To Stop Eating On V Live



Fan Tells Lovelyz Member SuJeong To Stop Eating On V Live

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Eating can be a sensitive topic among K-Pop idols, especially female idols. As most fans already know, they are often times pressured by agencies to maintain a strict healthy diet while sometimes even going to extreme lengths of starvation.

If that wasn’t tough enough, imagine having to hear a thing or two from your own fans.

That’s exactly what happened to Lovelyz member SuJeong during a V Live session with fans.

While Lovelyz were talking with their fans on V Live, one fan told SuJeong to stop eating all the fruits and snacks on the table.

SuJeong didn’t seem to take it well and seemed hurt by the statement. Other fans began to stir things up and defend SuJeong by saying she can eat whatever she wants whenever she wants.

Fortunately, the situation ended without any serious breakouts.

Many fans have stated that idols are stressed out enough because of their schedule and strict diet, and so they should be given a break sometimes, especially when they are having a good time talking to their fans.


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