Fans And Drama Leave Onew of SHINee for His Sexual Assault

Fans of SHINee cannot hide their disappointment towards Onew for his actions and are lost in contradicting statements from the police and SM Ent. 

Though fans want to believe that it was a false alarm, there is no denying that he has assaulted a woman intentionally or not. The police are still investigating the case though the victim has dropped the charges. In the short interview of the victim which was not official, she briefly mentioned SM entertainment has forced her to dropped the charges. 

Fans are confused and angry by the Entertainment trying to cover up the serious case and say that it’s no help to Onew. There isn’t anything new said about the case, for now, however, two big news dropped on Onew. 

One of his “Home Masters” who was a fan of him since the group’s debut has closed the fan page and left. (Home Masters are fans who run a fan page of their own and take high-quality pictures of the idol/celeb) An ordinary fan leaving their idol is nothing compared to a Home Master leaving. Home Masters don’t take such actions since they run a page about them. 

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Also, the new drama which Onew was starring, “Age of Youth 2”, released him from the character and replaced him with another new actor. The drama officials have stated that his case can both be disturbing to Onew himself and the drama. Onew cannot be avoiding questions about his assault as he goes through tonnes of interviews for the drama and, the audiences will be disturbed in focusing on the character because of the real case going on. 

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It is also said that he was edited out from Music Bank Singapore after the case broke out. 

SHINee was one of the long-lived groups that hadn’t face such huge controversies, destructive of their careers. However, this case seems like it would be a turning point in a negative way.

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SeHun of EXO Drunk Driving Controversy Buried Under the Surface

Big news or controversial issues are likely to RISE UP to the surface. However, sometimes, when the news involves important figures in politics, sports or even entertainments, they are BURIED DOWN, deep down to the surface by some force. Those kinds of news cannot be verified but stay as a rumor since no officials or personnel stands up to talk about it. 

A fan caught SeHun of EXO caught drunk driving. In the picture the fan posted, the necklace wallet, hairstyle, and his items of clothing all match up. It is said that he had a light crash while he was driving with a girl next to him, drunk. According to the person who posted,  they did make any official police reports because the people involved just made a deal personally and went their ways.  

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Nate Pann

There is still nothing officially said about this from SM Entertainment nor SeHun. A lot of fans argue that that’s just made up, while others say that his entertainment has enough power to minimize the news as possible. The truth is deep down the surface and only the people involved know the truth. 

Well, what do you think? Do you think there is a chance that SeHun really did so? 

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Wanna One Ong SeongWoo’s Pictures Of Clubbing Arouse Controversy

As past pictures of Ong SeongWoo in club, netizens point out several controversial problems.

Ong SeongWoo got huge fans while appearing in Produce 101 SE2 for his perfect looks, humorous character, and a sincere attitude. Was that a reason for all these controversies? After some pictures capturing him in club and pub were released by someone, fans came confused. Even some of them insisted that Ong SeongWoo went to club when he was banned to go there because he was minor. How did this happen? Because a picture that include Ong SeongWoo with a woman whose face is concealed in club was revealed. Two of them are close together and location of posting shows that they were in a club obviously. However, there are no certain evidence to prove Ong SengWoo went to club when he was minor. Also, the other picture including girls and boys with Ong SeongWoo drinking a alcohol in a pub didn’t show any information related to ‘under age’ issue. Despite of all these situations, netizens seem disappointed by him clubbing or hanging out with girls. But what is important and people need to focus is that Ong SeongWoo is not under age anymore and nothing illegal are seen in those pictures. Anyway, fans’ expectation toward Ong SeongWoo seems quiet heavy on him.


Ong SungWoo, Wanna One


Ong SungWoo, Wanna One

Nate Pann

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