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“ISAC” or Idol Star Athletics Championships is back with Chuseok edition. The recording was held on Aug. 12 and fans could not help but notice interactions between idols in-between the competitions.

Other idols were seen interacting together such as THE BOYZ‘s YoungHoon and SF9‘s HwiYoung.

Fans present during the recording noticed that NCT 127 and CIX  were sitting very close to each other. They were even sitting across each other.

That was the perfect occasion to get closer to each other. However, according to the fans present, they did not talk to each other.

Fans Are Laughing At NCT 127 & CIX’s Lack Of Interaction At “ISAC 2019” Chuseok


Needless to say that fans were laughing at their lack of interaction and at some awkward moments such as when NCT 127 was taking a selfie without asking CIX to take the picture for them.

Look at the video taken by fans below, it is quite hilarious and yet sad.

Fans still hope that they will get to talk to each other in the nearest future.

What do you think?


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It’s totally understandable tho! I’ve been in a similar situation with a seatmate of mine. We sit next to each other but never really talk to each other skkskskskskks maybe they’re just comfortable around themselves that they don’t even bother to make new ones as well as I am comfortable with my old besties than sitting with someone new and I am not even close with.


Eventually,NCT are those who minds their own business..but why don’t they just ask for help?


Hehe goofballs but nct has a lot of members to interact with, plus isnt cix a hoobae? NCT is usually very courteous maybe they thought cix isnt interested to talk to them.


I don’t think that’s the reason, like you said Nct are the sunbae and are older than most of the CIX members so there was no reason for then to act like this. But Sm groups rarely interact with idols outside of their company. Just like YG Groups they prefer to stick together rather than making new friends and other groups are usually too intimidated by them to approach them first


These guys ahhaahahhhahaha they were in front lol can’t they just talk to each other XXDDD