After having been exposed of his true colors in recent news reports that showed a chat room conversation about him asking for girls from Jung JoonYoung, CNBLUE member Lee JongHyun's troubles doesn't end just there.

Fans are uploading past videos of him and are accusing him of sexually harassing female K-Pop idol Girls' Generation member YoonA in public.

You can check out the contents for yourself below.


Do you think Lee JongHyun intentionally did what he did?


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Lee JongHyun
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Mar 15, 2019 05:30 pm

this incident is moot coz no one knows his intent. but fnc will probably soon kick him out of cnblue. its the right thing to do given his involvement in 'the chatroom' - why pull the rest of the group down. whether he can comeback to showbiz one day (everyone deserves a 2nd chance) depends on his remorse/ change in character.