Fans Ask If 97-liners Are Slightly Drunk From Recent Selfie Picture


Fans Ask If 97-liners Are Slightly Drunk From Recent Selfie Picture

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Did you know about the 1997-liners in the K-Pop industry?

Well, if you did not already know, it includes, GOT7 ‘s YuGyeomBamBam, BTS ‘s JungKook, SEVENTEEN ‘s MinGyuDKThe8, NCT ‘s JaeHyun, and ASTRO ‘s Cha EunWoo. 

A few days ago, BTS’s JungKook uploaded a picture taken together with ASTRO’s Cha EunWoo, SEVENTEEN’s MinKyu as well as GOT7’s YuGyeom over a gathering.

It seemed like the 4 of them were catching up with one another while having some drinks!

Fans who have seen the picture were glad to see that all 4 idols are close with one another but they could not help but ask jokingly if they were slightly drunk when taking the photo. Some fans also thank JungKook for uploading the picture as they get to see the other 3 idols too.

Needless to say, they are glad to see the everlasting friendship of the 97-liners!

Hopefully we can see even more in the future!


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GOT7‘s YuGyeom, BamBam, BTS‘s JungKook???????????❤️❤️❤️????????