Did you notice how JTBC dramas portray that their characters are in love? Each of their dramas would have different ways of filming it but it seems that one fan found an answer.

On an online community, one fan says that JTBC "reuses same old scenes" while sharing two gifs.

The first one is Park HyungSik in the drama "Strong Woman Do BongSoon" broadcasted on JTBC in 2017.

The second one is Kim YooJung in the drama "Clean With Passion For Now" currently broadcasting on JTBC.

Both scenes are happening in the mind of the characters that are in love with them: Park BoYoung dreaming of Park HyungSik and Yoon KyunSang of Kim YooJung. In the drama, they have hallucinations. The person that they love keep appearing in front of them in that form: doing aegyo and surrounded by hearts.

It is a cute way to show the character's feeling in a romantic comedy.

Do you like the way they portray it?


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