Blooming Suga

On Jan. 15, the prestigious Seoul Music Awards 2019 (SMA) was held and various artists were invited onto the award ceremony. To find out more about the winners, you can check it out here.

It was noticed by fans that the height of the standing mic was too tall for some artists and they tried to resolve the issue of them unable to reach the mic with various methods.

First of all, GFriend's EunHa was trying to speak into the mic but it was too tall for her!

She ended up pausing her speech and move to the other mic, earning laughter from her fellow members too.

At another occasion, fans also noticed how BTS's Suga and JiMin had issues with the height of the mic too.

Starting with JiMin, he decided to tilt the mic such that it was able to reach his mouth. Check out the video uploaded by a fan on Twitter.

However, as for Suga, he thought that it would be more efficient to just lower the height of the mic.

Both of their actions earned laughter from the rest of BTS as well as their fans.

Did you like how the 3 idols have different methods of dealing with the standing mic?


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