Where has the benefit of 1st winner gone? Kang Daniel's position on the stage seems not the one of 1st winner of Produce 101.

On August 7th, Wanna One's premier show concert was held. Fans raised questions on Kang Daniel's position on the stage. In the program, "Produce 101 SE2", the final 1st winner was promised to get the center position among group members when they perform. Therefore, Kang Daniel, who received the most votes in the final episode, was decided to be a center of Wanna One.  However, after the debut show concert, fans rapped out plenty of complains about his position on the stage. 

Fans who watched show concert claimed that Kang Daniel has not only the little part on a song 'Energetic' but also not much chances to perform on the center of stage. They added, "Kang Daniel doesn't look like a center member.". The same situation also happened in Produce 101 SE1. SoMi, who was the first winner in final votes, didn't perform the enough part on the debut song 'Dream Girls'. Then, I.O.I's fans presented questions if SoMi is not having the proper benefit she deserves.  

Meanwhile, Wanna One's debut song 'Engergetic' is conquering every K-Pop music chart. 


Fans Raise Question On Wanna One Kang Daniel's Position On Stage

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