Ahn HyoSeop's Instagram

Ahn HyoSeop is earning more and more attention from Korean and international K-Dramas fans. He acted in dramas such as "Still 17" and "Top Management" (2018).

The actor is not only talented but also handsome.

A picture of Ahn HyoSeop is catching the attention of fans on his Instagram. On the picture, the actor is holding sweetly a puppy. In the caption, he wrote "During filming, we happen to see this puppy by chance. It was too cute that I wanted to play more with it but the setting of the camera was done too quick. What a shame".

What can be noticed in the picture is that Ahn HyoSeop is looking at the puppy with a sweet smile and is holding it with care

Fans Say They Want To Be The Puppy That Ahn HyoSeop Is Holding

Ahn HyoSeop's Instagram

Netizens commented "Very handsome", "I want to become this puppy", "I love you", "So cute", etc.

Ahn HyoSeop also often posts on his Instagram picture of his cute cat.


Do you also wish to become the puppy he is holding?


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