Recently on online communities, Hwang MinHyun's love for elephants has become a huge topic for many of his fans.

Back in 2012, Hwang MinHyun posted on Nu'est fancafe that he hoped that he would be able to dream of an elephant at night. He also added '~@m'' which shows the 'shape' of an elephant to show his love for the animal.

Fans Talk About How Hwang MinHyun Almost 'Unstanned' Elephants

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During fansign events, Hwang MinHyun was also seen posing cutely with an elephant soft toys.

Fans Talk About How Hwang MinHyun Almost 'Unstanned' Elephants


However, it looks like Hwang Minhyun did not see an elephant in real life until recently. During Wanna One's reality TV show, he was seen asking the rest of the members if elephants are really big.

The next day when he and the rest of the members headed out, Hwang MinHyun was seen to have frozen on the spot when he saw the elephant!

He seemed to be extremely fascinated by the animal and could not help but looked at it with awe. His mouth was also slightly opened and fans could not help but laugh at his adorable sight.

Perhaps it was different seeing it in real life than seeing it through animation, some fans jokingly said that Hwang MinHyun almost 'unstanned' from elephants after seeing it with his own eyes.

However, on December 17th during a fansign, Hwang MinHyun was once again spotted with an adorable elephant hat which made fans think that he might have started 'stanning' elephants again.

Did you find him adorable too?


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