Fantagio Entertainment is ready to create the next generation of 5URPRISE's Seo KangJoon and Gong Myung.

Fantagio Entertainment, home to 5URPRISE, ASTRO, and HELLOVENUS, are getting ready to debut their 2nd version of boy actor group. On the 21st, an inside source reported that Fantagio Entertainment is getting their next generation of actor group ready with its first member being the star actor who appeared in rookie singer Lee SiEun's music video. The trainee starred next to HELLOVENUS's visual goddess, Kwon Nara. Through the video teaser, Fantagio-stans were able to see a handsome male lead who resembled a "mature version" of ASTRO's Cha EunWoo.

The concept of an actor group was first created by the label, where the members focus more on their acting careers, than their singing-idol careers. The company's first experimental group was 5URPRISE, which debuted some of the hottest stars today. The group consists of Seo KangJoon, Gong Myung, YooIl, Kang TaeOh and Lee TaeHwan, all who are active in the acting industry. Through 5URPRISE, the term "Actainer (Actor + Entertainer)" was born.

The unveiled trainee from the video is named Lee JaeHo, and it is uncertain whether he will debut with his birth name or a stage name. What's certain is that Fantagio's next acting-idol group will be featuring some very handsome visuals!

Check out the upcoming debut trainee through the video teaser!


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