FeelDog Chooses 7 Male K-Pop Idols That Dance The Best

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FeelDog Chooses 7 Male K-Pop Idols That Dance The Best

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JustFeeldog / BTS Official Facebook

On the most recent episode of “Video Star”, FeelDog made an appearance on the show. For those who may or may not remember, FeelDog is from BIGSTAR and was part of UNB.

As he had also been on KBS “The Unit” and Mnet “Hit The Stage”, many people were able to acknowledge his powerful and sleek dance moves. To that, FeelDog was also asked by the MCs to choose 7 best dancers among K-Pop idols.

Let’s find out which idols did he pick.


#1 EXO‘s Kai

First on his list, he chose Kai from EXO. No one can deny that Kai has his own way of dancing and many fans of his admit that they ‘fell’ for him after seeing how much emotions he put into his dancing.


#2 SHINee‘s TaeMin

Of course, he did not forget about TaeMin! Since his debut, TaeMin, who was only 15 (Korean age) back then, has been making an issue all along with his exceptional dancing skills. Even till now, many rookie idols also look up to him for his dancing skills.


#3 BTS ‘s JiMin

It looks like JiMin has also caught the eyes of FeelDog with his dancing skills. Aside from him, there were also many idols that picked JiMin as one of the best dancers in the industry.


#4 BTS’s J-Hope

Heard of the sunshine in BTS? Well, it is no wonder who it is, as J-Hope is someone who can lift up your mood instantly with his bright and powerful dance performance.


#5 Hotshot‘s Noh TaeHyun

Remember Noh TaeHyun when he appeared on Mnet “Produce 101” Season 2? He stunned the mentors and trainers when he krumped his way with a freestyle. Since then, many began to notice how amazing his dancing skills is!


#6 Hoya

Back in the years when Hoya debuted as a member of INFINITE , he had caused many fans to squeal because of his charismatic dancing skills. His passion for dance could be seen clearly as he also had appeared on Mnet “Hit The Stage” and “Dancing High”.


#7 FeelDog

Looks like FeelDog did not forget to choose himself! However, K-Pop fans have to agree that he is also one of the idols out there with extraordinary dancing skills. From time to time, FeelDog also uploads his dance practice videos on his Instagram account. Check it out if you have not.

Do you agree with the choices by FeelDog?


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