Girl Group Brand Reputation Ranking For March 2018

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If you’re interested in the best selling female K-Pop idol group at the moment, look no further. The data provided by the Korean Brand Reputation Center shows how much influence an idol has on K-Pop consumers.

March has been a month of success for many girl groups. There have been numerous performances, comebacks, and memorable moments up until now. Now, which group may have made the rest of the rankings? Here are 18 most influential girl groups in the spring of 2018!


Female K-Pop Idol Group Brand Reputation Ranking For March 2018

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#1 Red Velvet







#8 Weki Meki

#9 Apink

#10 GFriend

#11 CLC

#12 Lovelyz

#13 gugudan

#14 SNSD



#17 AOA

#18 Wanna.B


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