Female K-Pop Idols Who Looks Adorable With Pigtails

IU – [BEHIND] ‘Blueming’ M/V Sketch Film



Female K-Pop Idols Who Looks Adorable With Pigtails

IU – [BEHIND] ‘Blueming’ M/V Sketch Film

Jooeful/ Twitter @950917_net/ Its Fabulous

Sometimes when we see our favorite female idols performing on stage, we want to see a little more natural and adorable side of them too. Especially when they are styled in pigtails, fans couldn’t help but find them super adorable!

Let’s find out who these female K-Pop idols are!


#1 BLACKPINK’s Jennie

blackpink jennie, jennie, jennie pigtails,

YG Entertainment

blackpink jennie, jennie, jennie pigtails


Compared to her usual chic and cool image, fans found Jennie super adorable when she ties her hair into pigtails! It is amazing how one can look so different just by changing their hair style! What do you think?



momoland jooe, momoland, jooe profile, jooe pigtails, jooe facts


momoland, momoland jooe, jooe boomboom, jooe pigtails

Twitter @990818_com

MOMOLAND’s JooE shot to fame thanks to their hit song ‘Boom Boom’. During their promotion, JooE is usually spotted with pigtails and fans call it her trademark hairstyle. We love how her pigtails bounce whenever she dances! Boom Boom!


#3 LOONA‘s JinSoul

loona, loona jinsoul, jinsoul, jinsoul pigtails

Blockberry Creative


In contrast to her cool looks, you have to agree that LOONA’s JinSoul looks adorable in pigtails! Fans love it when she gets to style her hair in pigtails. More please!


#4 WJSN‘s ChengXiao

wjsn chengxiao, wjsn, chengxiao, chengxiao pigtails

Twitter @chengxiao_0715

wjsn, wjsn chengxiao, cheng xiao, chengxiao pigtails

WJSN Moment

In addition to her image of being a super talented rhythmic gymnast, ChengXiao also has her super adorable side whenever she ties her hair into pigtails. Fans are once again amazed by her beauty!


#5 OH MY GIRL’s YooA 

oh my girl, oh my girl yooa, yooa profile, yooa facts, yooa pigtails

Twitter @950917_net

oh my girl yooa, oh my girl, yooa, yooa pigtails

Twitter @AllAbout_yooA

YooA has been blessing our eyes with her sweet and angelic visuals ever since her debut! Together with her lovely voice, fans are loving the way she ties her hair in pigtails!


#6 Fromis_9‘s JiHeon

fromis 9 jiheon, fromis 9, jiheon, fromis 9 profile

Twitter @WhiteCandy03

fromis 9, fromis 9 jiheon, jiheon, jiheon pigtails

Twitter @YHoritsu_jh

Who could have forgotten Fromis_9’s youngest member JiHeon? Matching her image as the youngest member, JiHeon could not help but cause fans to fall head over heels for her whenever she ties her hair into pigtails!


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