Female K-Pop Idols Who Should Open Their Own YouTube Beauty Blog



Female K-Pop Idols Who Should Open Their Own YouTube Beauty Blog

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Beauty YouTubers have been seeing a significant amount of success in the past few years, especially in South Korea where outward appearance is highly prioritized.

Risabae has been gaining a lot of attention lately from the South Korean media for her amazing cover makeup tutorials for SunMi, Hwasa, and IU. And of course, Lena’s Pocket Beauty was once a popular choice as well until the beauty blogger’s Ilbe scandal surfaced in online communities.

If we think about the way K-Pop idols inspire beauty bloggers and makeup artists, it would seem like a good idea for the idols themselves to give beauty-blogging a shot.

Here are our picks of idols who’d do well as beauty bloggers.



Comeback after comeback, SunMi makes the headlines not just because of her catchy new tune but also because of her ever-amazing fashion and makeup. She’s respected and looked up to not just by fans who want to be like her but also several other younger K-Pop idols.

SunMi, SunMi Instagram, SunMi Profile


Back when she released her comeback singles ‘Gashina’ and ‘Heroine’, her makeup style became a hot topic among netizens.

SunMi Heroine, SunMi Profile

Heroine MV

SunMi Gashina, SunMi Profile


SunMi Gashina, SunMi Profile

Make Us Entertainment



TaeYeon actually possesses great skills in applying lip and eye makeup. Plus, her flawless white skin gives her an immense advantage when trying out different styles and techniques. She’s also able to apply special effects type of makeup to a certain degree as we’ve seen before in SM Entertainment’s Halloween parties.

TaeYeon Instagram


TaeYeon Profile, TaeYeon Instagram


TaeYeon Halloween



Han YeSeul

A classic South Korean beauty icon, Han YeSeul can literally pull off any makeup style and hair color. The actress has fans and makeup-obsessed girls screaming for more every time she does something new.

Han YeSeul Blonde, Han YeSeul Instagram




With luscious full lips and big brown eyes, her face is the perfect palette to try out different techniques. In fact, her visuals best represent South Korea’s beauty trend at the moment.

Red Velvet Joy Instagram



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