According to reports of the South Korean media, the net worth of Wanna One is expected to be several times that of I.O.I 's by the time they disband.

I.O.I has managed to rake in $9 Million while they were active. When asked about the sales of Wanna One in comparison to I.O.I, it was reported that the boy band is expected to make seven times as much.

Find Out How Much Wanna One Is Worth In Comparison To I.O.I


In fact, many idol groups that have even been close to becoming household names such as Brown Eyed Girls, for example, are in fact walking medium-sized corporations. They may not have made the same breakthrough as idols today are achieving, but they have made enough money to live throughout an entire lifetime.

Find Out How Much Wanna One Is Worth In Comparison To I.O.I

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Wanna One's showcase income raked in $2 Million alone. Their album sales in South Korea came out close to $10 Million and $6 Million more from advertisements as well. Their total income is already close to double of I.O.I and there seem to be no signs of stopping anytime soon. 


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