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ChungHahad released her first full length album "Querencia" and promoted her title track 'Bicycle'.

Not long ago, she had also released the Spanish version of 'Demente' with Guaynaa.

On April 1, a video interview of ChungHa with "Cosmopolitan" was released. If you are curious to check out the full version, you can do so below!

During the interview, ChungHa shares her pick when it comes to different fashion items and interesting questions were asked to the idol too.

She had to choose between wearing shorts and skirts.

Find Out If ChungHa Prefers To Wear Shorts Or Skirts In Latest Interview With "Cosmopolitan"

Cosmopolitan YouTube Screenshot

Without hesitation, she chose shorts sharing that she is "not used to wearing skirts".

ChungHa explained that she prefers to go for a comfortable fashion and hence, prefers to wear something that she finds relaxing. Adding on, she also explained that since she goes for practice often, she likes to wear tennis shoes and also sweatpants.

It looks through this short interview, many got to learn the fashion style of ChungHa!

Were you curious about her fashion style too?





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