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Remember what we use to say as a kid, "If I start earning money / If I have money...", we would go on and on about our plans on how to use the money.

After we have come to an age where we start earning money, things don't go as we planned to as a child. We try to use it more wisely and more in a worthy way. Despite how much we earn, the first salary or the money deposited paying off your first work is always breathtakingly amazing and exciting. 

Before we even get the money in our hands, we plan things to do with it. Guess, we weren't the only one doing so cuz Wanna One members got their own plans as well!

Here is the first thing Wanna One members would like to do after the first salary is deposited. 

Fiscal Plans of Wanna One As Soon As Their Work Deposits

DYNAMIC_1210 /TwolightsWings /fluffyboy_jh /primetime950809

Kang Daniel: I'd like to buy a house in Seoul and bring my mom to live with me. 

Yoon JiSung: I'd like to buy something in the department store without looking at the price.

Park JiHoon: I would like to go on a vacation with my mom.

Hwang MinHyun: I'd like to give them all to my parents... but then I really want a car of my own.

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