FNC Entertainment recently released an official statement regarding FT ISLAND member Choi JongHoon's drunk driving case.

Below is the agency's official statement.

"After speaking with Choi JongHoon, we have confirmed that he was caught drunk driving in Itaewon back in February 2016, while receiving a fine of 2,500,000 KRW along with having his license suspended.

As a member who was not well known, JongHoon claims he did not notify FNC out of fear at the time and regrets that he stayed quiet in hopes for it to pass without any attention. He has stated that he made no attempts to have the police cover the incident up."

FNC Entertainment is also busy at the moment defending Choi JongHoon from rumors of him being the third male celebrity in SeungRi and Jung JoonYoung's chat room where clips of sex tapes that were filmed through hidden cameras were uploaded along with talks of soliciting prostitutes for business investors.

Stay tuned for updates!

FNC Admits To Choi JongHoon Drunk Driving But Denies Police Collusion



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