Are you a viewer of the drama "Find Me in Your Memory"? The love story of anchor Lee JungHoon (Kim DongWook) and social media star and actress Yeo HaJin (Moon GaYoung) is interesting many.

Moon GaYoung opened an Instagram account just for her social media addicted character. Since Mar. 19, she has been constantly using the account posting gorgeous pictures of the life of her character. Many have been loving her account.

Follow Moon GaYoung On The Instagram Account She Opened For "Find Me In Your Memory"

Yeo HaJin's Instagram

You can follow Yeo HaJin below at @yeohajin___.


For Moon GaYoung's Instagram, you can follow her below at @m_kayoung.


Do you like the idea of opening an Instagram's account for a drama character?


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Apr 30, 2021 05:27 pm

So touching