Our innocent Wanna One's Kim JaeHwan was misconstrued by a foreign media's wrong understanding. 

Wanna One's Kim JaeHwan got mixed up in a hilarious happening, which aroused by a foreign media claiming he said N word. The media misunderstood what he said in Korean because they don't know Korean well, I guess. 

Kim JaeHwan appealed his attractive aegyo in front of the camera on MBC's "Show Champion" on August 24th. He showed off his cute rapping, "Yo, 내가 What's up, come on" and revealed his mischievous charm. However, a foreign media claimed an unreasonable opinion on this, "Wanna One's Kim Jaehwan says the N word and MBC tried to cover it up". After this, foreign fans pointed out his behavior, too. Because they misunderstood that '내가', which sounds like N word but actually means 'I' in Korea. 

Regard this situation, Korean fans pushfully explained, "'내가' is a reasonable Korean word". Nevertheless, some of the foreign fans didn't admit it, claiming that 'It doesn't make sense', without trying to understand Korean's word structure. Korean fans started to express complaints about some of the foreign fans' this arrogant attitude. Besides, on the other side, there are a few fans who are saying, "There's no need to explain because it's Korean idol saying in Korean, which is his native language".


Foreign Fans Misunderstand Wanna One's Kim JaeHwan Used N word


Foreign Fans Misunderstand Wanna One's Kim JaeHwan Used N word


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