Former Dal Shabet, JiYul Signs with Jellyfish Entertainment

JiYul found a new home in Jellyfish Entertainment after leaving Dal Shabet in 2015.

Jellyfish recently announced that they had signed JiYul as an actress under their label. The label stated, “JiYul became a family member of Jellyfish. We are happy that we could help her launch her new career as an actress… We will not hold back in doing our all to showcase her unlimited talent in a variety of projects.”

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JiYul was famous for her doll-like appearance since her debut in 2011. She was also the visual member of Dal Shabet during her 5 year activities. Last December, the idol bid her farewells to her former members and her fans in beautiful fashion.

The idol-turned-actress has always shown interest and skill in acting as she featured in Shin YongJae and Mi‘s duet track “That Man That Woman” MV in 2011. Since then, she continually featured in multiple music videos, as well as dramas and film. Her most notable work was when she played the main role in tvN’s “Fantastic Tower”.

She joins the impressive actor line in Jellyfish, which consists of Seo InGuk, Park JungAh, Park JungSoo, Lee JongWon, Kim SunYoung and more. Jellyfish is also home to some of the top names in K-Pop, such as VIXX, Sung ShiKyung, Park YoonHa, gugudan and more.

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