Niwa Shiori, who competed during the first season of ‘Produce 101’ recently made a few statements on Twitter suggesting that even the votes on ‘Produce 101’ season 1 was rigged.

Ahn JoonYoung, the producer for the survival program. who was recently arrested by the police, admitted to rigging the votes for ‘Produce 48’ and ‘Produce X 101’, but denied doing so for the first two seasons of ‘Produce 101’.

But of course, given that this is the word of a man who is currently being investigated by the police for fraud, who has already admitted to rigging two seasons of the program, there isn’t much credibility in his statement claiming that the first two seasons weren’t rigged.

Former 'Produce 101' Season 1 Contestant Suggests Votes Were Rigged


Which means that police investigation results is at the moment the only thing we can rely on.

Niwa Shiori stated that all trainees that participated on ‘Produce 101’ season 1 were hard workers, including the debuting members of I.O.I, and that none of the trainees were to blame.

Her tweets have been deleted but she did however explain that the reason why she deleted the tweets was because it has been causing a lot of misunderstandings.

Stay tuned for updates!

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