Nam TaeHyun, a former member of the K-Pop boy band WINNER, shared his thoughts through SNS and responded to hate commenters.

TaeHyun left WINNER in November of 2016. He went on to establish his own record label known as 'South Buyer's Club'. He recently addressed criticisms from all the discontent fans that have expressed negativity towards him for leaving WINNER.

Former WINNER Member TaeHyun Has A Message To Hate Commenters


Here is what he said.

"The only reason I mentioned WINNER was because the interview question required me to talk about them. It's not as if I like talking about them too. I don't like mentioning them either. And there's no consistency in what I say? For anyone that thinks I might have something to lose for not being straight on the details regarding why I left, you're way off. To all of you, shut up and stay quiet. I don't like fighting so why don't you all go and support the ones that you love instead? I'm not an idol and I can live however I please without having to worry about my image. And by the way, I work hard and am fine with what I'm doing now. If I put my mind to something, I do it. That is why I live better than all of you who brood inside your rooms while hating other people. If you don't like me, f*** off."


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