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Moon HyunA, a former member of 9MUSES is getting married on this year September 3rd with a husband 7 years older than her.

From 9MUSES to Solo Debut and Marriage,The New Life of Moon HyunA

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Moon HyunA, after performing as a member of 9MUSES, has left the group due to the end of her contract. She is currently affiliated to another entertainment, but she is still known to be keeping a close relationship with members of 9MUSES.

Recently, she spoke out about her getting married to a man 7 years older than her. They've been dating for long while and they found each other to be a good partner in music as well as life reportedly. She left a hand written letter to her fans about the new life she has chosen and will be living, "I have met someone whom I can share my opinions and beliefs with. I have chosen the path that I have never taken before and it will be another challenge. Also, I have chosen to walk a different path as a musician as well. I am always thankful of you for your support. "

From 9MUSES to Solo Debut and Marriage,The New Life of Moon HyunA

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Along with her news about her marriage, she also revealed her plans to have a solo debut on August 11th with Euaerin, another former member of 9MUSES. 

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