From Leg Insurances To Fitting Fists In To Mouth, K-Pop Idol Facts You Probably Didn’t Know



From Leg Insurances To Fitting Fists In To Mouth, K-Pop Idol Facts You Probably Didn’t Know

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How much do you really know about K-Pop idols?

While you might be very well familiar with your favorite groups and their members, there’s a chance that you don’t know some surprising facts about other idols and groups out there.

You can check them out below!


(G)I-DLE SoYeon Is Able To Fit Her Fist In To Her Mouth

She definitely doesn’t look like the type to show such comical and somewhat surprising acts, but SoYeon apparently has the magical ability to stuff her fist in to her mouth.




TaeMin Enjoyed Eating Ants And Crayons During His Childhood

We know that fans often question whether he’s human due to his unbelievably amazing dancing skills, but they may have another reason to question his race.

But it also turns out rapper BewhY also ate ants as a child too, which is why the two were so glad to have finally met each other.


BIGBANG & EXO Are Viewed On YouTube More In Foreign Countries Than In South Korea

While they are still very popular back at home, idol groups BIGBANG and EXO actually have more viewers on YouTube who are in Japan and Thailand than in South Korea.


SM Entertainment


YG Entertainment


Girl’s Day Member YuRa’s Legs Are Insured

YuRa has legs that are so flawless and perfect that her agency’s head thought it would be reasonable to have them insured for $500,000. Word has it that there is not a single scar, not even the tiniest that can be found on her legs.

girls day yura


BLACKPINK Was Originally Supposed To Be Either A 5 Member Group Or A 9 Member Group With 2 Units

YG Entertainment founder and producer Yang HyunSuk just couldn’t seem to make up his mind for a long time. (G)I-DLE member MiYeon was part of the five-member lineup, but rumors say that she was cut after she was caught violating the dating policies of YG Entertainment.

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