f(x)’s Hiatus Because Of Victoria or SM? K-Netizens Divided On Opinion




f(x)’s Hiatus Because Of Victoria or SM? K-Netizens Divided On Opinion

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Some K-Pop fans may wonder at times about SM Entertainment’s girl group f(x). After gaining momentum upon their debut in 2009, their presence gradually diminished over time.

It was around the time after they released their hit single ‘4 Walls’, that fans began to see less and less of them. What could have been the reason behind the beginning of their hiatus? K-netizens seem to be divided on opinion on this matter.

Some of them strongly believe that it was because of f(x) leader Victoria. They’ve stated that f(x) had no choice but to be active as a three-member girl group for the majority of their careers due to Victoria’s hectic schedule that involved shooting dramas, movies, and CF’s in China.

f(x)’s Hiatus Because Of Victoria or SM? K-Netizens Divided On Opinion


They’ve additionally stated that it was inconsiderate of the K-Pop idol to return to South Korea just six days right before f(x)’s first ever independent concert. Netizens have stated that the reason why this irked some fans was that the concert setlist had around 30 different types of choreography that needed to be well rehearsed, and six days clearly wasn’t enough time for her to familiarize herself with them. This inevitably caused her to miss out on a lot of songs and also make one too many mistakes while performing with the other three members. Victoria also had the girl group name erased from her ID name for her Weibo account.

f(x)’s Hiatus Because Of Victoria or SM? K-Netizens Divided On Opinion

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In short, they claim Victoria invested more time in her solo career than for the group.

However, others blame f(x)’s home agency SM Entertainment. They’ve pointed out that other SM Entertainment groups such as EXO have done well with some of the members ditching the group, meaning it was always possible for f(x) to continue even without Victoria if they had the full support from SM.

What do you think was the main reason for f(x)’s hiatus? Feel free to share your thoughts?


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Gemz Thompson

There is trouble going on. Victoria not promoting in Korea with f(x) is the same as Lay. Its that fact that there are visa troubles or something of the like. I’m not sure exactly. I don’t think it’s got anything to do with Victoria’s solo/acting career. Though SM hasn’t been as supportive of f(x) as they should have.


I think its probably a combination of the 2 reasons right? Like SM are probably not very against her earning them good money in China, where she is very successfull. Meanwhile fx is already only 4 members anymore, like them leaving out one member is much more risky for a comeback in such a small group than in a big group like exo. This doesnt mean that exo members are replaceable, but they have a much bigger pool of talent to fill up a good song. Fx on the contrary will be missing a big part if they have a… Read more »


… if SM can make more money in China they’ll push her out the door