Gaon Chart Music Awards changed their awards judging standards for fairness.

Korea Music Content Industry Association that runs Gaon Chart stated “In categories like “Singer of the Year” and “Newcomer Award”, judging standards have been changed for more fairness.”

Gaon Chart Music Awards’ “Singer of the Year” was previously predictable enough to check before the awards event itself. Albums that were released at the earlier in the year would receive advantages by having more time than albums released in the later parts of the year.

To correct this unfairness, Gaon Chart changed the judging standards to collect data from the release date, but apply the same amount of time to all albums so that results can be compared fairly. For digital albums, they will account 30 days of data from release and for physical albums, they will account 6 weeks (this was decided by accounting sales of albums that sold over 50,000 copies past 3 years) of data to decide on the rankings.

As for the newcomer award, they will divide digital album and offline physical albums. Gaon Chart will choose awards recipients for “digital” and “physical” parts separately, out of artists that have released their debut song that year.

Gaon Chart’s official added, “As an official music chart, we will continue to fix and change parts so that we can become more fair.”

“Gaon Chart Music Awards” will be held on February 22nd 7PM KST at Seoul Jamsil Indoors Gymnasium.

Gaon Chart Music Awards Changes Judging Standards

Gaon Chart

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