The 6th Gaon Chart Music Awards was the best ever yet, after an impressive record breaking number of viewers on V LIVE.

On the 22nd, when the actual event was held, a total of 4,222,471 viewers tuned into Naver V LIVE from all around the world. This number was the highest number of V LIVE viewers that the ceremony had ever recorded. Prior to the event, an impressive outcome of 127,362 people had poured into the online ticketing site to see the night first hand.

After the award ceremony, critics and netizens praised the event for its improved objective and fair data system. Many congratulated the event for its evaluation on not just the artists, but the musicians behind the influential songs of 2016 as well. An official from the International Federation of Phonographic Industry (IFPI) also stated, "The Brit Awards was held in Britain on the same day. The Gaon Chart Music Awards were a very interesting award format that matched to the music consumers' patterns and accumulated monthly and quarterly performance data quickly."

With such high praises, K-Pop fans from all around the world look forward to the 7th Gaon Chart Music Awards of 2018.


Gaon Chart Music Awards V LIVE Breaks Record with 4.2 Million Viewers

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