G-Dragon Asks for Repair Fee to One Who Broke the Chandelier in His Cafe

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A post from a traveler created a debate on whether it was right for G-Dragon to act a certain way. 

On October 2nd, a traveler who visited G-Dragon’s cafe in Jeju island wrote a post. 

GDragon, GD, GD Cafe, G Dragon Comeback, Idol Contorversy

Nate Pann


I broke the chandelier in G-Dragon’s cafe which costs about three hundred million won.

GD asked be to pay for the repair fee and he would pay for the chandelier components. 

I always like TaeYand more than GD!

I guess I would have to pay 300,000 to 500,000 won to repair that…

Doesn’t my accident count in the insurance…?

The post had numerous comments, but it mainly divided into two sides. One supported GD and criticized the writer for writing cynically although it was the writer’s fault. They say, it was very kind of GD to only ask him of the repair fee when he could have asked for the whole fee including the fee for the new components. Also, they are very unhappy about the writer’s ungrateful attitude towards paying a small fee after breaking such an expensive object and condemning GD of asking him/her for any money. 

However, on the other side, there were comments that supported the writer’s side. They said that the chandelier was placed where a lot of people passed by but there was no sign to be careful of. Also, they say that it isn’t the writer’s duty to pay for anything because if the writer has gotten hurt by chandelier breaking (which he hasn’t), it would be GD’s duty to pay for his hospital fee. Though the writer was not injured, it is still not his duty to pay for any fee. 

The debate is still going on and more people are joining in to share their opinion. However, most comments seem to support GD’s side. Whether the writer paid the fee or not is still unknown. 

GDragon, GD, GD Cafe, G Dragon Comeba

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