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Just recently, BIGBANG member G-Dragon was caught up in a controversy that suggested he received special favorable treatment by being admitted into a colonel's suite during his time of hospitalization after his ankle surgery. Netizens were in uproar saying that his status as a soldier with the rank of private first class was only just a title and reality for him was much different than other soldiers of the same rank as they could only dream of being given the treatment that the K-Pop idol received.

While the issue seemed to have died down since it first began, South Korean news agencies recently began releasing new articles about him receiving fifteen more days off duty in order to recover from his ankle condition.

Many netizens have criticized the K-Pop idol by saying he will probably spend more time attending to healthcare rather than actually serving his country.


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Aug 1, 2018 11:50 pm

This poor kid is injured and his treatment is between him and his doctors. If he needed more time to recover then he needed more time. A colonel's room? Well, after another soldier took pics of him in the hospital and sent them to his girlfriend, I think he deserves to have his privacy protected and a colonel's room might be the best way to do that. Leave the boy in peace.