BIGBANG's G-Dragon who is recently busy with his upcoming comeback showed off his unique hairstyle on Instagram.

G-Dragon just recently updated his Instagram with some behind the scenes photos of his upcoming new music video. But more than his wild makeup, fans were zeroed in to his brand new hairstyle. G-Dragon was always known for his eclectic hairstyles that he challenged with each comeback, but fans worry he's taken it a bit too far.

In the photo, you can see G-Dragon shirtless while holding up a cigarette. Half of his head is shaved to show an intricate tattoo, while the other half holds a long black mane that flows down his neck. Fans' comments varied from respect and admiration to worry and concern as they felt he was slowly shaving down his head to perhaps prepare for his soon-to-be-near military enlistment.

Either way, fans can unite in the fact that they are highly anticipating his new look for his new music video. YG Entertainment had announced that G-Dragon has begun filming his music video, and will drop his new album sometime in the early June.


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