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Cube Entertainment’s (G)I-DLE today release their highly stylized and creatively produced music video for their hit song, “LION” The teaser for ‘LION’ released on Friday, November 1, has already enjoyed over 1.5 million views over this weekend and since the video was released one hour ago, there are almost half a million views and counting!

Following (G)I-DLE’s release of the song last week and their live performance of ‘LION’ on October 31 on the finale of Queendom, the video has been viewed almost 2.5 million times via YouTube after only one day. The performance trended at #1 in Korea and many other countries.

During their tenure on the hit show, (G)I-DLE amassed millions of new fans and were broadly recognized as the “Ones to Watch” on the kpop horizon. Their grace with edge, creative abilities in songwriting and producing and their enticing live performances is quickly establishing the group on the world stage.

SoYeon noted that when she was composing the song, she was inspired by the legendary ‘LION KING’ She said, “Since lions are kings, we are kings”.

With the release of a Halloween version of ‘LION’ and a Twitter update from (G)I-DLE posting “LION IS BACK”, NEVERLAND, (G)I-DLE’s fan base, expressed their love for “LION”
“After the performance, I can officially say that (G)I-DLE can bring a new change and a new face to girl groups in the kpop industry.”


(G)I-DLE “LION” Performance Trended at #1 in Korea and Many Other Countries.



“This is exactly how I imagined the vibe of the stage to be like. Very animalistic and majestic. I also pictured Lion King when I first heard the song, and now I know it was intentional since SoYeon said she was inspired by Lion King. Great stuff by (G)I-DLE. They’re a group to watch for.”

“Whenever I listen to the lyrics of the song I think that this is about their journey in Queendom Starting strong, falling, despair then using despair to comeback strong and end with a huge roar Latata>Fire>Put It Straight>Lion”

“WOW just WOW. Thank you (G)I-DLE for being who you are in this performance. This song is masterpiece, best from another level. Well they are always spoiling us by their improvement of stage presence. Talented and they delivered it well. I’m stan queen”

The performance of “LION” was a symbolic ceremony for a queen who had returned to her ‘queendom’ after winning the war. The powerful dance and the charismatic performance featured all six members in long red, majestic velvet robes and gold ornate nails.


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