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(G)I-DLEhas comeback with their 3rd mini album "I trust" and title track 'Oh my god'.

If you have yet to check out the visual stunning music video, make sure you take a look below.

With the release of the mini album, fans flooded the YouTube channel with positive comments and as well as the various music streaming sites. It was reported that 'Oh my god' had charted 1st on Bugs, Genie and Naver Music. The title track reached the 4th place with Melon Music and 8th on Soribada.

Aside from the spectacular results on digital charts, (G)I-DLE had also broke the record for the physical albums sales as they had sold at least 91,300 copies of the mini album on the very first day.

(G)I-DLE Breaks Their Own Record With Release Of "I Trust"

Hanteo Chart

It is amazing to see the sharp increment in physical sales and many fans believe that they are definitely on the right track.

Are you amaze by their growth?


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