Girl Idols Who Are In Charge of Cute & Sexy in SM, JYP and YG

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Who is the first person that comes to your mind when you are asked to think of the beauty of SM? Probably Irene of Red Velvet.

There are some members of each entertainment who represent a certain image. For example, Irene represents great and typical beauty that SM entertainment idealizes. Rose, maybe the rising beauty queen of YG Entertainment, while Tzuyu is in JYP. We’ve heard about the beauty queens quite often since they are included in most of the charts in K-Pop.

However, we haven’t heard a lot about the girls who represent “CUTE & SEXY” because they were blinded by the beauty queens. Recently, the cute & sexy girls have been showing a great development in their charms and beauty, more fans started to acknowledge them more than the beauty queens! 

Curious who they might be? Well, let’s meet three girls who are cute while being sexy at the same time representing SM, YG, and JYP.

The representative of YG – Jennie of BLACKPINK

Cute Jennie


Sexy Jennie


The representative of SM – Joy of Red Velvet

Cute Joy


Sexy Joy


The representative of JYP – Sana of TWICE

Cute Sana



Sexy Sana

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